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Hi guys, here are the coming hikes and treks that are open to the public for registration:

Two treks to the canyons of Jordan:

July 9th – 11th: Three days of canyoning, including abseiling in Wadi Karak and Wadi Mujib. The canyons are rich with water and surprises.

Four days in the Canyons of Jordan, July 14th – 17th:

One day in the Wala Canyon, two days in Wadi Hasa and concluding with Ibn Hammad. No abseiling this time…

The Israel Trail northern section:

Details can be read in the May newsfeed, scroll down and find it…

This is the first time a long guided hike on the INT is offered! The northern section covers the Upper Galilee, the Lower Galilee, the Sea of Galilee and the Carmel Mountain and Coast.

A driver-cook will bring our gear to the campsite and prepare field cooking to be ready when we arrive. People who request can stay overnights in rooms, or as recommended – at the campsite. A combination of challenge and fun!

The Poyke Pot – All Inclusive in Field Cooking

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In the previus article regarding field cooking, I described a method that can be used when you are backpacking. Cooking food wrapped in aluminum foil on fire does not require carrying heavy gear on your back! This time I’ll introduce a method which is only suitable when you camp next to your vehicle: The Poyke Pot.

This pot originated in South Africa, but gathers popularity around the world. The pot is made from iron, it’s very heavy and you can get it in different sizes. The cooking is done on open fire, and can be done either outdoors or on a gas stove at home…

This is the classical recipe: Chicken with Vegtables…

Prepare fire and put the pot on it, make sure it is standing stable! Open a bottle of fine dry red wine and enjoy a glass of wine.

Put a little amount of oil, once the pot is hot add the chicken and stir untill it is roasted from all sides.

Add onions, garlic, red peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsley, tomatoes, champignon, and whatever you desire.

Add half a bottle of white wine, some soy sauce, spices.

Cook on small fire for an hour, stir from time to time, drink red wine to let the time pass pleasantly. 

When the stew is ready remove the pot from the fire carefully, and enjoy your meal!

This recipe can be done alternatively with lamb or veal.

When guiding Ellen Botnick in the Judean Desert last year, she asked me to prepare a vegetarian stew. She actually liked it and said I should put the recipe on the blog. Since I don’t fancy having my signature over a vegetarian recipe I hereby dedicate it to Ellen…

The idea is the same, only without the chicken. You might consider adding portobellos for the taste.

Newsfeed May 2010

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These are the hiking trips and treks planned for 2010: (partial list)

The Israel Trail: Northern section,  August 28th to September 7th

For fit hikers

The Israel National trail streches from the Lebanese border at the north, to the Egyptian border in the south.  It is over 900 km long, and goes through different landscapes. Walking the whole distance takes around two months. we are going to devide it into three sections, so we can make some effort during a shorter period and complete it in 40 days.

Our camping and kitchen gear is going to be carried by a vehicle, we will carry only our day packs. We will camp all nights outdoors, occasionally we will offer showers. We will have cooked dinners, a waking up treat (coffee, tea and cookies) and one picnic brunch a day – all provided.

The first section will take us from the Lebanese border to the Mediterranean coast, walking around 25-27  km per day. We will gather Saturday evening in the central bus station in Kiryat Shmona (reaching there independentlyby bus from all around the country), and have transportation to the camping site. We will start getting to know each other over a cup of tea and coffee (dinner is not included for that night), and retire to our sleeping bags. The trek will end in Caesaria, where you’ll get transportation to the Hadera central bus station.

The price is 1500$ per person, including: Guiding, escorting vehicle, food and transportation as mentioned.

More details and instructions would be sent to whoever is interested. 

Trekking in the Canyons of Jordan

Several treks to the canyons of Jordan are going to take place during this summer.

The treks involve hiking in flowing water inside breathtaking beautiful sandstone gorges with hanging gardens of fresh vegetation and date palm trees, camping outdoors and lots of water fun!

Please check the news section on my site for the exact dates!

A Deep Insight into Petra, October 2nd – 5th 2009

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Petra, the monastery,check out the person on top for size!

Petra is The most popular and famous tourist site in Jordan, nevertheless, most people tend to explore it only for a glance of a few hours. Walking down the narrow Siq (gorge) or standing in front of the Khazane monument is a breathtaking experience anyhow. However, being in Petra for a longer period enables one to get a deeper insight and gain some grasp of the feeling of the place. Apart from the rich history and archaeology, the desert landscape is a piece of art with a quality of its own, with beautiful valleys and cliffs of multicolor sandstone.

 petra and sinai with ann 011

 Four Days within the Premises of Dushara

Dushara was the God of the Nabbatean people and its name comes from the ancient name of the mountains of Petra. During our four days in Petra we might feel that his presence still exists…

We will begin our journey in the “Cold Gorge” (Siq el Barid), also known as Little Petra. The special way out of the gorge involves assistance of ropes, rock-hewn handles and a Juniper tree! Walking towards the edge  of  the cliff we will have a beautiful view of the ancient paths that led from Petra towards the Arava valley and the Negev desert, on which the valuable merchandise of incense, spices and perfumes was transported on its way to Rome and Europe.

We will camp in a bedouin tent, keeping the tradition of those nomadic people…

A special way out of Petra

An early start on the next morning finds us walking up Wadi Mudhlim, a narrow gorge that was used by the Nabbateans to divert the flashflood waters away from the hidden city. The last section of the wadi is a 2000 years old tunnel. Going down the Siq we join the flow of tourists on our way to the Khazane, The Treasury. We branch away by the museum, to walk down Wadi Siakh, where there is some modest flow of water one can use to cool himself  a bit. A challenging path surrounds the cliffs, on which we will walk, to approach the “Monastery” (A-Deir) from a special angle with the perfect sunlight for taking photos, after all, we still are tourists! A beautiful path will bring us back to the tent.

On the third day we expect some exercise! Walking up to the tomb of Aaron, brother of Moses, is not such an easy task… but the view is rewarding! On the way back yet another mountain awaits us, Jebel Um Biara, with a fascinating bird’s-eye view of Petra.

Our last day in the vicinity is a relatively easy one, ascending to the High Place of Sacrifice for a farewell view, before we head south to Aqaba.

Contact me through the link below for more details and registration to this trip!

A moonlight hike in the Judean Desert, 4-5 September 2009

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A creative solution that enables hiking in dry places during the harsh and hot summer is hiking at night.

Sunrise after a moonlit hike in the Judean Desert

The Jewish and Muslem calendars  are based on the moon cycle, and you can predict the moonlight available according to the date in those calendars.

The moon is born at the first day of the month, reaching its climax on the 15th and then declines. The full moon rises at around 18:00 winter time,  every day belated by around 40 minutes.

On the 4th of September will be the 15th of the Hebrew month of Elul, and we will make the most of the full moon and hike in the Judean desert under its light!

We will walk from Ma’ale Adummim to the astonishing observation over the Mar Saba monastery, then walk down to the Horkania Fortress and conclude atop Jebel Muntar, with a beautiful view of the moon sinking in our west, while the sun rising in the east!  

Next, we will drive to the Fawwar spring (Ein Mabbua) in Wadi Kelt and hang out by the waters.

Registration and additionnal information by contacting me through the Website:

An Adventurous Trek to the Jordanian Canyons, 27-29 August 2009

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karak arnon june 08 013

Jordan is an endless paradise for hikers. This three-day trek brings us to three of the Jordanian canyons, where you have flowing water all year round, and a most beautiful natural decoration. Hiking those canyons pinch your heart, as you can only try inserting that beauty in a photo, but it doesn’t reflect the complete fascination of the landscape. The only way to deal with it is keep returning to those places over and over again…

 a 60 meter tall side waterfall

 Our trip will start in Wadi Mukhairis, a limestone canyon  flowing to the Dead Sea beach, near the hotel resort. We will walk upstream and visit the two “hidden waterfalls”. Coming back down we will walk on the northern cliffs and opposite the beautiful view of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert beyond.

 A hidden waterfall in Wadi Mukhairis

 Driving south along the Dead Sea shore we will arrive to Wadi Karak and camp atop its cliffs on the south of the canyon. A very early start and we will descend steeply into the canyon. Right away we will reach the first waterfall – the graded 40 meter fall, which is devided into three sections. We will abseil the first two together, then separately we will abseil the third 20 meters fall. The waterfall is a gateway into paradise, consists of plenty of water and hanging gardens, with not a dull moment.

Abseiling the small waterfall of Wadi Karak

On the third day we will hike in the ultimate canyon of Jordan: the Mujib (Arnon), We will ascend to the pools of the Hidan  canyon, and then descend the Mujib including abseiling in its 18 meter waterfall.  A beautiful cherry to to top the whipped cream!

The Mujib waterfall

Joining this trek or finding out how to do it yourself can be done by contacting me through the main website at

Hiking in the Jordanian Canyons:

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Summer in this region is usually considered as a too hot season for hiking. People rather stay in air-conditioned rooms or dip in a swimming pool.

However, in the Jordanian canyons every extra degree is to be blessed!

A very special hike is offered in August 10th to the 13th:

Day 1: Ibn Hammad gorge, a canyon that might have been the model upon which God based the design for the Garden of Eden… Water dripping from the walls, wonderful colors of sandstone, and hanging gardens of date palms!

Day 2 and 3: The Hassa Canyon (Zered), a two-day hike to the most landscape diversed canyon in Jordan. The water runs through limestone, dolomite, various sandstones and granite.
This is an ultimate water amusement park!

j1 Hassa water fun

 Day 4: Hidan and Mujib (Arnon) Canyons, including swimming through pools and streams and abseiling the 20m waterfall.

j2The Mujib waterfall

The price is 500$ per person, meeting at the northern border crossing between Jordan and Israeli. Please contact me to join the hike or get more details!


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