The Long Trek in the Negev: Christmas, December 23-31, 2016

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The Traditional Long Trek in the Israeli Negev Desert

Christmas / Chanuka, December 23-31, 2016

.Israel is not only the Holy Land. As much as it is a pilgrimage destination for religious people, it can set as a pilgrimage destination for nature lovers

.This guided trek will bring us to the remote areas of the Israeli Negev desert. This is a nine days trek but you can join it for the complete trek or for sections of different number of days

 You can reach the starting point by public transportation. The camping gear will be carried with a logistic vehicle, as we hike with only a daypack. Each walking day will consist on 17-23 km. All meals are provided. You can also rent a sponge mattress and a tent for 110 shekels for the complete trek

The region of hiking is around Menuha and Kipa ridges, and Paran and Ashosh wadis.

The price is 350 shekels per day, 2700 shekels for the complete program.

For more information and registration please contact me through my mail:

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