Trekking in South Jordan, February 1-4th, 2017

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 This special region is stretched south of the famous site of Petra, however it is extremely remote, not known to most hikers and offers rewarding trails and views! Our camping gear will be transferred to the campsite by car, we only carry our daypacks


Day 1: Wadi Mishaza:

Driving from the border, beginning the trek on top Jabel Masuda, we will walk down the narrow gorge of Wadi Mishaza.

Day 2-3: Wadi Quseib

In those two days we walk in the most diversed scenery, consisting of narrow canyons, colorful cliffs, rock sculptures and sand dunes.

Day 4: The sand dunes of Wadi Raqia and Aheimir.

Meeting at the Arava border crossing on Wednesday, February 1st,
at 6:00 AM.

What to bring:


Health insurance;


4.5 litresof water;

Comfortable hiking shoes;

Shoes for the evening;

Sandals or shoes for crossing water pools;


Sleeping bag and a field mattress;



Comfortable clothes;

Vary warm clothes for the cold nights;

Toilet paper and matches;

Flashlight + extra batteries;


Personal medications, spare glasses, etc.

Soup bowl, plate, spoon, knife and fork, cup;

Toothbrush, etc.

Lunch for the 1st day.

The price is 550$ per person. Please contact me to join the hike or get more details!


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