A Summer Water Hike in the Galilee

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Many people ask me when is the best season to visit Israel for hiking. During winter it might rain, while summer is so hot and humid most Israelis that can afford sneak out of the country to cooler places. Spring and Autumn are perfect, the weather is great and the bird migration is at its peak, while the prices are low, but unfortunately the vacations are not in those seasons!

So actually, one should come here whenever he is able to, and there are different hikes that can fit any season.

And as we are in the middle of the summer, here is a beautiful and refreshing water hike that perfecly fits the hot weather!

The Lower Banias Water Hike

The Lower Banias taken by Galina Genser

This is a trail that even most Israelis do not know. It consists of walking in the water, down the Banias Stream, the water level reaches the waist, but sometimes swimming is unavoidable.

Starting point: The rear entrance to She’ar Yashuv moshav, in the finger of Galilee, on the northern section of route 918, between Horshat Tal National Park and Kibbutz Kfar Szold. The car can be parked in the moshav. Crossing the road to the west, you arrive at the bridge of the Banias stream. On its left (south) there is a dirt road. This road is parallel to our water trail. you can enter or exit the stream anywhere you choose, continue in the stream or on the dirt road,  reach the finish line or backtrack to the car.

Finish: At Sde Nehemia Kibbutz, on road 9779.  You can recognize the place by having the Hatzbani stream with its flow of rafts and kayaks join from the north. ENJOY!

hikers in the Banias (by Galina Genser)

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