The Jesus Trail, From Nazareth to Capernaum

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The Jesus Trail is a hiking trail that was initiated by Maoz Yinon and David Landis, providing an opportunity to walk in the Galilee combining nature, culture and spirituality.

The trail is 65 kilometers long and walking along it one can easily see the land as in the time of Jesus, together with meeting the inhabitants of the Galilee of the 21st century. On the trail you pass through Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Druze villages and sites.

The trail begins in Nazareth, at the Church of Annunciation. It passes by Fauzi Azar inn, which is run By Maoz Yinon, and is a natural home for hikers of the Jesus Trail. Here you can get information about the trail, purchase a copy of the guide book and find partners for walking the trail.


From Nazareth, a large town today but just a small village in the times of Jesus, the trail heads to Zippory, where the large city of the Galilee in Jesus’ days left impressive archaeological remains, including the most beautiful mosaic floor that was found in Israel. The trail continues through the Moslem village of Mash’hed to Cana of Galilee, where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. You can find a place to stay here at the Cana Wedding Guesthouse.


The second day will bring you through the ancient oak trees of the Lower Galilee passing by Kibbutz Lavi, a community of religious Jews, through the Horns of Hattin, an extinct volcano that was the battlefield of the most famous battle where Salleh A-Din (Salladin) defeated the crusaders army in 1187. From there the trails descends through Nabi Shueib, the holiest site for the Druze, where their prophet and father Jethro (Shueib) is buried. Accommodations can be found in the neighboring village of Arbel.


The third and last day will begin with a breath-taking view from Mt. Arbel towards the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, Mt. Hermon and the Upper Galilee. A steep descending from the cliff will bring us to Migdal, the village of Mary Magdalene. Walking next to the fruit orchards we will ascend to the Mt. of Beatitudes, and then visit the churches of Tabgha on the sores of the lake to reach Capernaum, the town of Jesus in the Galilee, where we complete the trek and can enjoy a meal, consists on St. Peter fish, just as the meal that Jesus had with his disciples after the resurrection…


8 Responses to “The Jesus Trail, From Nazareth to Capernaum”

  1. Samir Baboun Says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Samir. I am interested in hiking and would like to join the Jesus Trail from Nazareth to Capernaum sometime between June and August. When do you offer this tour and how much does it cost? Please send me more details about this tour and related expenses and logging.
    Thank you & best regards,

  2. Yoel Says:

    Dear Samir,
    Right now there is no planned trek on the Jesus trail in those months.
    You can hike it on your own, I can assist you by mail if you send me your address.
    I might have an organized trek on the trail in winter.

  3. Tim Barsellotti Says:

    Dear Yoel,
    My name is Tim, and would like to trek the Jesus trail from Nazareth to Capernaum. Would you be able to assist me with any information to the email address provided?
    Many Thanks,

  4. Yoel Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Please send me the required info you seek through the contact section of the blog. I’ll be happy to assist.

  5. Talitha Arnold Says:

    I am interested in treks you might offer in late April or early to mid-May in 2014, either the Jesus trail or the Negev. Thank you.


  6. Yoel Says:

    Hi Talitha,
    Right now nothing planned for registration, i will update later.
    Between May 3-10th there’s going to be a trek to Jordan, 5 days. The exact dates are to be determined later.

  7. sergio saviori Says:

    We are interested in treks you might offer in late june. We are four. We’d like to trek in Galilee but please let me know any other possibilities and related costs.
    Thank you

  8. Yoel Says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Please, if it is still relevant, send me the request to my e-mail:
    Thanks, Yoel

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