Hiking in the Jordanian Canyons:

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Summer in this region is usually considered as a too hot season for hiking. People rather stay in air-conditioned rooms or dip in a swimming pool.

However, in the Jordanian canyons every extra degree is to be blessed!

A very special hike is offered in August 10th to the 13th:

Day 1: Ibn Hammad gorge, a canyon that might have been the model upon which God based the design for the Garden of Eden… Water dripping from the walls, wonderful colors of sandstone, and hanging gardens of date palms!

Day 2 and 3: The Hassa Canyon (Zered), a two-day hike to the most landscape diversed canyon in Jordan. The water runs through limestone, dolomite, various sandstones and granite.
This is an ultimate water amusement park!

j1 Hassa water fun

 Day 4: Hidan and Mujib (Arnon) Canyons, including swimming through pools and streams and abseiling the 20m waterfall.

j2The Mujib waterfall

The price is 500$ per person, meeting at the northern border crossing between Jordan and Israeli. Please contact me to join the hike or get more details!


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