An Adventurous Trek to the Jordanian Canyons, 27-29 August 2009

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Jordan is an endless paradise for hikers. This three-day trek brings us to three of the Jordanian canyons, where you have flowing water all year round, and a most beautiful natural decoration. Hiking those canyons pinch your heart, as you can only try inserting that beauty in a photo, but it doesn’t reflect the complete fascination of the landscape. The only way to deal with it is keep returning to those places over and over again…

 a 60 meter tall side waterfall

 Our trip will start in Wadi Mukhairis, a limestone canyon  flowing to the Dead Sea beach, near the hotel resort. We will walk upstream and visit the two “hidden waterfalls”. Coming back down we will walk on the northern cliffs and opposite the beautiful view of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert beyond.

 A hidden waterfall in Wadi Mukhairis

 Driving south along the Dead Sea shore we will arrive to Wadi Karak and camp atop its cliffs on the south of the canyon. A very early start and we will descend steeply into the canyon. Right away we will reach the first waterfall – the graded 40 meter fall, which is devided into three sections. We will abseil the first two together, then separately we will abseil the third 20 meters fall. The waterfall is a gateway into paradise, consists of plenty of water and hanging gardens, with not a dull moment.

Abseiling the small waterfall of Wadi Karak

On the third day we will hike in the ultimate canyon of Jordan: the Mujib (Arnon), We will ascend to the pools of the Hidan  canyon, and then descend the Mujib including abseiling in its 18 meter waterfall.  A beautiful cherry to to top the whipped cream!

The Mujib waterfall

Joining this trek or finding out how to do it yourself can be done by contacting me through the main website at

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