A Deep Insight into Petra, October 2nd – 5th 2009

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Petra, the monastery,check out the person on top for size!

Petra is The most popular and famous tourist site in Jordan, nevertheless, most people tend to explore it only for a glance of a few hours. Walking down the narrow Siq (gorge) or standing in front of the Khazane monument is a breathtaking experience anyhow. However, being in Petra for a longer period enables one to get a deeper insight and gain some grasp of the feeling of the place. Apart from the rich history and archaeology, the desert landscape is a piece of art with a quality of its own, with beautiful valleys and cliffs of multicolor sandstone.

 petra and sinai with ann 011

 Four Days within the Premises of Dushara

Dushara was the God of the Nabbatean people and its name comes from the ancient name of the mountains of Petra. During our four days in Petra we might feel that his presence still exists…

We will begin our journey in the “Cold Gorge” (Siq el Barid), also known as Little Petra. The special way out of the gorge involves assistance of ropes, rock-hewn handles and a Juniper tree! Walking towards the edge  of  the cliff we will have a beautiful view of the ancient paths that led from Petra towards the Arava valley and the Negev desert, on which the valuable merchandise of incense, spices and perfumes was transported on its way to Rome and Europe.

We will camp in a bedouin tent, keeping the tradition of those nomadic people…

A special way out of Petra

An early start on the next morning finds us walking up Wadi Mudhlim, a narrow gorge that was used by the Nabbateans to divert the flashflood waters away from the hidden city. The last section of the wadi is a 2000 years old tunnel. Going down the Siq we join the flow of tourists on our way to the Khazane, The Treasury. We branch away by the museum, to walk down Wadi Siakh, where there is some modest flow of water one can use to cool himself  a bit. A challenging path surrounds the cliffs, on which we will walk, to approach the “Monastery” (A-Deir) from a special angle with the perfect sunlight for taking photos, after all, we still are tourists! A beautiful path will bring us back to the tent.

On the third day we expect some exercise! Walking up to the tomb of Aaron, brother of Moses, is not such an easy task… but the view is rewarding! On the way back yet another mountain awaits us, Jebel Um Biara, with a fascinating bird’s-eye view of Petra.

Our last day in the vicinity is a relatively easy one, ascending to the High Place of Sacrifice for a farewell view, before we head south to Aqaba.

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