Yoel Oren is one of the most active hiking tour-guides in Israel.yoel

Yoel has worked with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (S.P.N.I.) for many years, five of which as the director of the Ein-Gedi Field Study Center, a guiding center located in the Judean Desert by the Dead Sea.

In 2003 he established a new hiking group called “The Youth Group for Adults”, which meets once a month for special hikes beyond the common trails, including outdoor camping.

Yoel leads treks in the canyons of Jordan, the mountains of Sinai (Egypt), and the alpine ridges of Turkey, as well as in the hiking jewels that Israel has to offer.

In addition, being a licensed tour guide, Yoel guides “normal” trips and tours, such as family trips, pilgrimage missions, cultural tours, etc.